January 17, 2018


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Project Managers are you Socially Switched On?

Social Media for Project Managers

Social media is an extraordinary opportunity to improve project team collaboration at all levels.

Some of the expected BENEFITS are:

  1. In a field like Project Management that depends on lessons learned and best practices to deliver repeatable results, the pool of resources you can tap into via social media is very powerful.
  2. Social networks, both within and outside of companies, increase the value of collaboration by reducing search and coordination costs of connecting parties who have related knowledge and interests.
  3. By developing and managing relevant formal social networks, organizations can facilitate communications that improve decision making and operations.
  4. Social media allow for financial savings. The cost of traveling expenses and monthly telephone bills can be reduced by using a video-conference program to host a meeting.
  5. Social Media allows for real-time, quick and ad-hoc sharing of information. It can happen naturally, and provides for a more efficient flow of information and information sharing.

For project managers there are a number of benefits, best practices, platforms and tools to consider when it comes to the use of social media on projects, as well as for the enhancement of your professional career.

To really be socially switched on you need:

  • An adaptable, step-by-step, ongoing formula to bring social media onto projects
  • To adopt a unique blend of social media according to the nature and size of the project, the different members involved and the environment in which members are operating
  • The availability of industry thought-leaders willing to collaborate and mentor, as they often do on social media channels, who can play a vital role in building up Project Management knowledge in organizations
  • Time, but before long you’ll be participating and building relationships with peers from all over the world.

Social media provides an excellent vehicle for fostering communities of best practice while exposing project managers to a framework of experience, collaboration, and knowledge. This type of learning requires informal contact and a willingness to share information — a perfect use of social media.

In order to create a step-by-step action plan that would be a unique blend for your project or company, please find:

The Social Media Strategy Template for Project Managers

The social media strategy template provides guidance about tactical objectives, strategies and metrics for monitoring and measuring for selected social media tools.

The results you can expect from using the social media strategy template:

  • It will help you gain clarity on your social media goals, requirements and expectations.
  • You will be able to describe clear SMART objectives for your social media activities.
  • It will guide you to define action steps and key metrics for each social media channel.
  • To have a strategy for monitoring and measuring your social media activities.

I want to download the social media strategy template for project managers TODAY!

Perfect for bringing social media onto projects OR use it to enhance your personal career.
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