February 21, 2018


Project management advice, tips, tools and recommended resources for existing and aspiring project managers.

Project Management Software

Below are the top Software resources for Project Managers!

**Note: Some of the links on this page are affiliate links.


Wrike was founded in 2006. It’s an online collaboration and project management software bringing together centralized task management and social collaboration features into one real-time workspace, making day-to-day work easier, more transparent and efficient. It connects tasks, discussions, and emails to your actual project plan. You get an up-to-date picture of the project and can keep your team aligned with your strategy.

The platform can be tailored to fit the individual needs of any team whether in small or large organisations and it scales as you grow.

Also offers Webinars (PDU’s) to increase productivity, establish good team habits, and improve collaboration.




Watch this video to learn how to Lead Effective Weekly Meetings in Wrike.

ITM Platform

Deploy your fully functional cloud-based PPM solution in 2 days instead of 6 months. Get your users on-boarded and, most importantly, happy. ITM Platform offers the most practical and powerful online project management solution. Portfolio management and strategic planning integrate naturally with the daily operations of project management.

Manage Agile and Classic projects in one single integrated portfolio with ITM Platform, including integrated team-based social communications.

Try out the Free Trial.

Liquid Planner

LiquidPlanner is a hosted, software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution. Key features include task management, project scheduling, professional time tracking, resource balancing, personalized dashboards, and integrated commenting and project documentation. It provides better forecasting and analysis capabilities as well as a central project environment and collaborative/social features.

It can be a powerful alternative to Microsoft Project and is ideal for teams who want the scheduling capabilities of sophisticated project software but need a simple, easy-to-use tool that everyone can access.

LiquidPlanner online project management software

Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects is a feature-rich online project management software combined with collaboration and issue tracking that allows project teams to collaborate and get work done faster. Planning and Tracking helps you keep your project on schedule. The new Bug Tracking module allows you to organize and track the bugs that software projects are bound to generate and fix them all in time.

Easy Projects

Project Management software for teams and enterprises. They also provide a wonderful resource for accidental project managers, called: “Project Management can be easy

Post Vision

Project Portfolio Office (PPO) is a web-based Software as a Service (SaaS) application and is an enterprise capable solution. PPO helps organisations achieve greater project success by implementing and adopting a simple to use, cost effective, configurable yet enterprise scalable project portfolio management application to plan, manage, collaborate, execute and report on their projects, programmes and portfolios.


Online Project Management software that gives you a customizable project dashboard that tells you whether you’re on track. You can login from anywhere, anytime to see the status of your projects. You can see at a glance whether you’re on time, under budget and progressing according to plan. Real easy to use.

MeisterTask for Project and Task Management

MeisterTask is a new collaborative task manager for creative teams that can be used as a Kanban tool or sprint planner. It offers an intuitive and easy to use user interface including standard functionality for a good collaborative task manager, namely document management, time tracking, notifications, real-time communication and more. The biggest benefits are flexible boards that adapt to the team’s needs, the ability to automate recurring tasks as well as seamless workflow from Idea to Implementation. It integrates with their mind mapping and brainstorming app called MindMeister.

Epic flow

Epicflow is an online project management software and planning tool that facilitates multi-project management by automatically setting priorities and efficiently allocating resources in dynamic working environments.

The current version of Epicflow is built on an algorithm that balances workloads and due date performance. The Epicflow PM software analyzes the workload of the team members and prioritizes tasks based on demand. It follows a science-based precision and an analytical approach.

Epicflow is a Saas platform that works in tandem with existing PM systems such as MS Project, Primavera, Trimergo, Jira, and other.


Nozbe is a web-based project and time management application to help you get things done! It’s simple to use and comes with native Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android apps.


Asana’s mission is to enable all teams to work together effortlessly and to get work done through a fast and versatile web application that connects everyone with what’s going on, their shared priorities, and who owns each part of the effort. Asana was created to improve the productivity of individuals and groups, to increase the potential output of every team’s effort.


Nuvro makes online project management surprisingly easy. Efficient project execution often relies on many tasks, subtasks and sometimes sub-subtasks. Nuvro was engineered to make it easy to quickly create and assign these tasks to suitable team members. In Nuvro everything’s transparent and everyone’s accountable for their share of every project. 
Spend less time trying to bend current software to meet your needs and more time accomplishing your business goals.

Workfront (formerly AtTask)


Clarizen is a cloud-based work collaboration and project management solution for the enterprise. Founded in 2006 and used by more than 2,500 organizations across 76 countries.

Upland Software

The only comprehensive family of cloud-based enterprise work management software.  See details below.

EPM Live 

EPM Live is the leading collaboration and PPM (project & portfolio management) platform based on Microsoft™ SharePoint. It extends cost-saving disciplines such as delivering products successfully, optimizing resource utilization, and selecting the right work to all areas of the business.

 Hello Focus 

Hello Focus is an online project management application built with a focus on maximizing your team’s productivity based on data science.  The application can be used to manage one individual’s tasks or can manage a number of various teams.  Have peace of mind, knowing in just a few clicks you can see your entire team’s roadmap with our Gantt Chart feature or an activity feed to keep your finger on the pulse of your projects.


FileBound provides workflow automation and document management solutions that improve the operation of any organization by connecting users with the information they need to work more efficiently and effectively. FileBound solutions can be deployed locally or as a cloud-based service.

Mind Genius

MindGenius can be used to plan and manage your projects, helping you to effectively gather requirements, create visual maps of your project scope and automatically create Gantt chart plans.


PowerSteering enables top-down program and portfolio management without requiring granular task and resource tracking, and provides class-leading analytic and financial tracking capabilities. It combines the robust PPM functionality demanded by global organizations with the cost and speed benefits of cloud delivery.


Tenrox is the only workflow-driven cloud Professional Services Automation (PSA) solution designed to meet the challenges of managing globally dispersed project and service organizations. It offers configurable cost and billing rules, including chargeback or invoicing, with certified integrations to all major CRM and accounting systems.


Timesheet.com allows organizations to capture all time and expenses from employees around the globe, and to perform powerful billing analysis. It is the only timesheet management solution that has certified and proven integration with all major CRM, financial and payroll applications.


A complete, online project management solution for managing time, deadlines, work tasks, teams and people. With Agile Gantt it even combines Gantt Charts with Kanban boards for use on Scrum projects.

It comes with a Document collaboration component to store, share, find and review all your files easily and securely – in a single, virtual document management system, accessible by your teams and external partners. The Communication component enables collaborative planning, a social approach to project planning and a focuses on sharing, transparency and communication.

Projectplace brings secure and scalable collaboration to individuals, small businesses and large enterprises since being established in 1998. Also find the free ToDo collaboration tool.

Pivotal Tracker for Agile Projects

Pivotal Tracker is a simple, collaborative web based Agile project management tool from the experts in agile software development.

Jama Software

The Jama product delivery platform combines industry-leading requirements management and test management with tight integration to other developer tools. People across your organization are invested in your product success and need to have visibility into the process. Jama has built-in enterprise collaboration features to connect everyone across your organization and keep teams in sync.


RationalPlan is a powerful multi-project planning software designed to help both project managers and teams to create consistent project plans, allocate resources and analyze workload, track work progress, estimate projects’ costs and manage budgets.

Innotas Project and Portfolio Management

Innotas offers a cloud-based integrated suite of Project Portfolio, Application Portfolio, and Agile Portfolio Management solutions.

With Project Management Office (PMO) PMOs can gain visibility into both strategic initiatives and sustaining operations, resulting in better decision-making and prioritization across the project portfolio.


ProofHub is a web-based project management and collaboration software to plan, organize and deliver work faster.

Zilicus Project Management for SMB’s

Zilicus is an online Project Management software focussed on small and medium businesses (SMBs) with the objective to provide enterprise-class capabilities to SMBs. The software is feature rich and simple to use for your entire team. Click here for Top 12 Benefits of ZilicusPM.


With Smartsheet you can invite people (both inside and outside your company) to collaborate on your entire project by sharing the entire sheet with them, or simply send them a row with all attachments to get updates. This will result in real-time collaboration that streamlines communication, empowers teams, and drives efficiencies.


Mavenlink is a web-based project management solution that provides a comprehensive tool for team collaboration, offering core accounting, billing and invoicing, Help Desk, Business Intelligence and workforce management applications.


To organise everything in one place. A very flexible, free tool to keep track of everything from the big picture to minute details.

Hello Focus: Project Management Templates

Managing a project can be a major hassle most of the time, because it requires a lot of focus and attention from your side. The only thing that you can do to improve your overall results is to access a Project Management Template, as this will boost productivity and offer you a much better way to streamline your work.

Click HERE for some of the best project management templates you can use right now!