February 21, 2018


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Project Management Software: Create a Work Breakdown Structure with MindGenius

This article is about Project Management software that is listed on the Project Management Resources page.  MindGenius Business is a mind mapping software that was designed specifically to meet business needs and help visualise solutions to challenging tasks. It can be used for planning, project management, brainstorming, and strategy on all shapes and sizes of projects.

These can range from global supply chain change management projects to mini-projects such as working out the operational requirements for an office move to a new building.

Below is an example of MindGenius in action where many small details is kept visible and not “lost” until they started causing problems. It will give a clear view of every aspect of the project and allow you to deliver on time and with no disruption to standard business processes.



Fig. 1 Overview of Project

A Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) can be developed to identify all tasks that need to be completed.


Fig. 2 Map Explorer showing overview of WBS map structure

You can then use the Gantt chart view to visualize and manage the time line, working back from the required go-live date to work out timings and milestones.To monitor task progress, comments may be added to the WBS tasks and the % completion record can be used in conjunction with filters to allow viewing of outstanding tasks. The MindGenius map can be updated daily and reviewed weekly by the implementation team to manage and control the project.

Fig. 3 Gantt view created from WBS map


In addition to the Gantt function, the ability to export easily to Word and other Office packages is also useful for communicating with colleagues who do not have access to MindGenius.

Please visit MindGenius Mind Mapping Software for more information.




  1. These tocpis are so confusing but this helped me get the job done.

  2. This looks good for mapping and planning. My previous information used Workgroups as a full solution. Handled all of our needs (approvals, job tickets, time tracking, etc.). Worth a look. http://www.metacommunications.com/products/workgroups


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