December 14, 2017


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Your Digital Reputation: What do Stakeholders see about you?

By Lorian Lipton

Manage your digital reputationYour professional reputation is everything when it comes to your career. In today’s business world, your clients and your next employer are all looking at the ‘digital you’ on the internet. Everyday over 1 million names are searched on Google. Your digital resume is available online in one form or another every day of the year and every minute of the day. If you are not leveraging your digital reputation then you are leaving yourself vulnerable in ways that can hurt your career and your future projects. Every professional needs to own how they look in cyberspace, so stop writing that status report for a few minutes and let’s focus on your future.

Why You Want To Manage Your Digital Reputation

Managing your online reputation is not about self-promoting or trying to get your next position, it’s about providing an accurate representation of your achievements and knowledge. It’s about how you are perceived professionally. It’s about the brand of you.

Whether you use social media or not, mentions of you, your company, even your project, may be on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc. People are talking about You; don’t you want to know what they are saying?

For years now, third party robots have been collecting and analyzing digital information about everything we do. Some of this information is in our control (i.e. social profiles), but most is not (i.e. other’s postings, credit card information, our app usage). All this information about you is your digital footprint whether good or bad, and it shapes your digital reputation.

Do you really want machines controlling what people know about you?

Take Control Of Your Digital Persona

1. Look at your digital footprint

When’s the last time your ‘Googled’ your name to find out what people see about you on the internet? The goal is to match your online professional self to your offline professional self. If you are a Six Sigma guru your social media persona should reflect that. Does it?

To take inventory of what information is out there about you type your name into Advanced Google Search. This is the most common way to check yourself and it’s free. Don’t forget to check your online aliases also, if you have them. They may haunt you at some point if you don’t. Check all the social sites you can think of to see what people are saying about you. This may take a few hours, but it is well worth the digital inventory to know where you stand.

2. Establish your business credibility on the internet

Establish your business credibilityTo build your digital reputation, you don’t need to be everywhere, but you need to be somewhere. For me, LinkedIn and Twitter are my virtual offices. Everything I post is business appropriate and helps establish my thought leadership in my chosen fields.

Facebook, on the other hand, is my living room. I like to keep this part of my digital life private for friends and family. On the internet, personal and professional details can get very mixed. You can use the private settings on social media sites to limit what people see about your personal life but, I do want to warn you that even behind a private firewall, you need to assume that information can, and will, leak. Do you really want your work associates to see those football party pictures? Think about how you want to be perceived.

3. Participate

You build a strong reputation by participating on social media sites. Posting your own information and commenting on other’s posts adds to your digital reputation and show up when you are searched. It’s helpful to join Groups on sites like Twitter and industry specific websites. When you comment in forums or digital communities, that information gets added to the internet’s vast collection of details on you. I use LinkedIn to write microblogs and post articles which highlight my expertise. Believe me, social media participation doesn’t take over your life – you don’t need to participate more than two or three times a week to build your reputation. Comments here and there add up over time.

Building and managing your digital reputation holds many positive benefits to you personally and professionally. As Dilbert® said back in 2013

“If you don’t have friends, followers, or social media influence, you are pretty much dead.”

If you leave me a comment I will do my best to answer and the bonus is that this will help us both improve our digital footprint. Keep up the good attitude.


About the Author: Lorian Lipton, PMP, is passionate about project management and everything digital. She provides project management consulting, training and coaching through her company The Digital Attitude, LLC.

Content is copyright of Lorian Lipton, The Digital Attitude, LLC 2017.

Hack Yourself Smarter: Good Study Tips for Project Managers

By Jane Sandwood

Study tips for PM'sIt is half-way through 2017 and here are unbeatable tips for studying towards project management certification, whether it’s PMP, CAMP, ACP or PgMP. Let’s face it, studying for your certification exam is no mean feat. No matter how hard-working or motivated you are, it’s easy to get bogged down and confused by the sheer volume of new information that you have to recall and deploy effectively.

Study Tips

These accessible hacks will really kick your studies into a higher gear.

  • The Pomodoro technique. The Pomodoro technique is a simple yet devastatingly effective technique to retain focus and mental freshness. It’s easy – just set a timer for 25 minutes and start work. At the end of each 25-minute study session, you take a five-minute break to walk around, rest your eyes, stretch etc. Then it’s back to work for another 25 minutes. You can find plenty of Pomodoro-style timer apps for desktops and mobile devices. Alternatively, you can use a simple kitchen timer.
  • Handwrite your notes. Writing your notes out by hand is a tried-and-tested method for retaining more information. For best results, paraphrase the text instead of copying it verbatim. This will keep your mind engaged.
  • Get physical. Taking regular exercise isn’t just good for your body, it keeps your mind sharp as well. Even a 20-minute walk around your building will help you retain more from your PM studies.
  • Eat smart. While it’s tempting to reach for instant gratification in the form of snack foods, a healthy diet will help keep your mind clear. Supplements such as B vitamins and magnesium can also improve mental acuity.
  • Sleep on it. Cramming into the small hours might be counterproductive. Getting a good night’s sleep is indispensable for cementing what you’ve learned during the day.
  • Mix it up. Try a variety of study techniques and find out what works for you.
  • Team up. Get together with fellow PM students to talk over problems and quiz each other on course material. Explaining key concepts to each other can really help you get to grips with new ideas. If you’re studying alone, look for ways to collaborate online.
  • ‘Supplement’ your study. While you can’t replace effective study habits with a pill, safe so-called ‘smart drugs’ and some supplements can improve your academic performance. 
  • There’s an app for that. Study apps are a great way to revise. They range from customisable flash card utilities like Anki and premade spaced-repetition courses like the ones available on Memrise, to dedicated ACP and PMP study apps like PMStudy.

No single technique is right for everyone, and there are really no substitutes for hard work and application. But with these study hacks, you can make earning your project management certification much easier.

Let us know in the Comments section which exams you are studying for!

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3 Internet Marketing Tools for Business Owners to Plan and Organise

Recently I published a blog post on my blog to share 3 essential internet marketing tools that will help you to plan and organise your online marketing efforts.  I received many comments of appreciation from the readers who have found it to be practical and helpful.

It is aimed at small business owners who have websites, but who are not actively marketing their businesses on the internet and those who are starting out with internet marketing.   These internet marketing tools are invaluable and you will find action steps that you will want to implement immediately.

As a project manager I am really passionate about Planning and Organizing.  This turns out to be a very valuable skill when you are starting out with Internet Marketing.  Here are 3 essential internet marketing tools, to use from the beginning:

1. Marketing Plan

Every business needs a marketing plan, right?   Marketing is one of the essential skills you need to develop (if you’re not a natural or experienced marketer) when you venture into the online world of marketing. To achieve this objective of having a marketing plan that you can refer to regularly for implementation, I have found a great tool.


You translate your business plan into this One Page Marketing Plan and stick it on the wall next to your computer. It will remind you of your goals and the monthly tactics that you need to implement to reach your goals. I have been using this for the past 2 years and I recommend it to all my clients.

ACTION: Download the FREE One Page Marketing Plan, follow the simple instructions and create your  Marketing Plan as soon as you can.

2. Tracking Sheet

Starting out with marketing your business on the internet, you need to build a presence on many sites that would generate exposure for you and your business. Similar to buying add space in your local news paper or magazine.

When doing marketing on the internet, you will find yourself registering as a user on many websites and social media platforms. To organise yourself better, you need to create a Tracking Sheet as a reference guide to all the URL’s, user names and passwords that you have to create in the process. You can also group all the websites into categories (website management, social media tools etc).  I have created such a template, that you may download and use for free.

ACTION: Download the FREE Tracking Sheet (Microsoft Excel) and start using it immediately.

3. Password Manager

When you start registering as a user on multiple sites, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep track of multiple passwords. And if you lose that piece of paper on which you wrote it down, you need to go through the annoying process of resetting your password or waiting for the email with a new password to arrive.

One of the best Password Manager products out there and recommended by many top internet marketers, is Roboform.  RoboForm password manager securely stores online and offline passwords and makes it effortless by automatically saving your usernames and passwords, then completing it the next time you logon.  You will not need to remember another password as long as you have this software.

ACTION: Get the RoboForm software at a price that suits your needs. RoboForm: Learn more...

Today you have learned about 3 essential Internet Marketing tools for planning and organizing your marketing efforts on the internet.

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The Easiest Way To Outsell Other Affiliates

By Jimmy D. Brown

Attention all Affiliate Marketers

If you’re an affiliate marketer, then you’re always looking over your shoulder to see if the competition – your fellow affiliates – are catching up to you.  The easiest way to outsell other affiliates is this…

Turn your AFFILIATE offer into a UNIQUE offer!

You see, most affiliates try to sell the product as is. If your prospects are shopping around, they’re going to skip all the “buy from me” offers. Instead, they’re going to focus on those offers that give them an incentive to buy. And that means you can outsell the other affiliates simply by offering a bonus product to anyone who buys through your affiliate link.

I’ve been teaching this concept since 2001 and, all things being equal, those affiliates who put this into practice will outsell those who don’t virtually 100% of the time. It’s a very simple strategy. Let’s break it down into three steps…

Step 1: CHOOSE Your Incentive

Your goal is to make your offer stand out from the crowd by offering an incentive to buy from your link, thereby boosting your conversion rate. And that means you need to offer a bonus that enhances or otherwise complements the affiliate product. Did you catch that? Your bonus should “enhance” or “complement” the product you are promoting as an affiliate. That’s what makes for the best incentive.

Affiliate Case Study

Let me give you a “real” case study (not made up … actually done by one of my customers). A customer – who is also one of my affiliates – recently purchased my Multiple Streams Theme wordpress blog theme. He loaded it to his site. Then, he invested a little time writing a small report that teaches how to customize and tweak the theme. He offered this small report, filled with insider shortcuts and tips for enhancing the theme, as an incentive to anyone who ordered the Multiple Streams Theme through his affiliate link. Brilliant. I’m just guessing, but I bet the report didn’t take him half an hour to write. He just logged his own personal experiences. And yet it has high value to anyone who has plans to order the theme. That’s how you outsell other affiliates. You turn your AFFILIATE offer into a UNIQUE OFFER.

Affiliate Ideas

One way to do this is by reading the sales letter for the product and choosing one particularly enticing bullet point. Example #1: If the sales letter tells prospects they can learn how to get traffic from social media sites, then you can create a report called “27 Ways to Use Social Media to Drive Traffic to Any Website!”

Example #2: If the sales page for a diet book promises a month of low calorie recipes to customers, you can create a supplementary low calorie recipe book and give it away to those who buy from your link.

Example #3: If you’re promoting a dog training book and you see a bullet point about eliminating bad behaviors such as jumping, incessant barking, digging in the gardening, etc. You can create a report or even a video called, “The Secrets of Training the Perfect Dog: How to Keep Your Dog’s Paws Off Your Guests, Off Your Counters and Out of Your Garden!”

The point is, your freebie should be directly related to the affiliate offer. You want your prospects to buy through your link just because the incentive is so enticing. What kind of incentive? You can do videos, software, coaching, advertising, installations, services, etc. But, “pound for pound”, the best and easiest incentive to create is a small report.

Step 2: CREATE Your Incentive

Once you decide on the topic, your next step is to create the bonus product. If you’re creating a short report or video, you can probably finish it in one day. Otherwise, you can hire a trusted freelancer to do it, which frees your time to focus on marketing the offer! Tip: You find ghostwriters on sites like,, and You can also ask for recommendations from your colleagues via your social networks or on business forums.

Step 3: CIRCULATE Your Incentive

Finally, your last step is to promote your offer by letting prospects know that anyone who buys the affiliate product using your link will get the bonus product. Let your list know. Tell your blog readers. Tweet about it. Purchase advertising. Distribute free marketing materials such as ezine articles. Mention it in sig files at forums. You know the drill.

Now, there are a few ways to deliver the product: 1. On the download page. If you’ve developed a relationship with the product vendor, he may agree to set up a special sales page that promotes the bonus plus a special download page so that customers can download it instantly after purchasing. 2. Manually. You can have customers forward their receipts and then you send them the link to the bonus. 3. Automatically. You can also set up a special email address with an auto-responder, so that anyone who sends you a receipt gets the download link automatically. (Naturally, some people will try to “cheat” this system.)

There you have it – the simple three-step strategy you can use to outsell your competitors and put more money in your pocket. It’s so easy you could be making more money by tomorrow… if you get started today! Speaking of “making more money”. If you have a blog, how would you like to have ten “built-in” ways to increase your affiliate commissions from your blog?

Visit Infoprofitshare to learn more.

NOTE: The offer mentioned at the website will no longer be available after Friday, March 19, 2010 at 10PM. Jimmy is “retiring” it then and discontinuing all sales.

Private Label Undressed


I recently signed up for a Private Label Rights (PLR) Products membership site created by Jeremy Burns the undisputed King of PLR.

This review is going to break down exactly what the site is all about and what you might expect when you check out the inside (if you decide to do so).

First off, we’ll start with a description of exactly what the site really is. It’s tagged as a site that gives you 4-5 new private label rights products each and every month. These are eBooks on niches that have been researched and are hot topics.

One thing I found that was ridiculous was the price. In a time where “quality” private label rights products cost $50-$70 EACH on the low end, comes in at a stunningly low $47 a month for ALL 5 products which is refreshing!

(only $1 to start and $19.97 a month to anyone that gets in during their initial launch phase)

Here’s what in the site with a more specific break down of each section…


This is the section that you’ll go to in order to get access to the current months private label rights products. Each product comes with two documents called the Product Analysis and Fast Action Ideas documents. You’ll also find market research, potential titles for your product and much more.

Also included are 25 articles for each of the products that you can use to further customize your book, use for article marketing or use for creating reports or other traffic generating materials.

PLR Training

This section is definitely the price of the website. Most membership sites that say that they are going to offer training fall so short of delivering on the promise that it isn’t even funny.

So far, there have been incredible amounts of training resources and tools added to the member’s area of NakedPLR that are of extremely high value. There are over a half dozen manuals and quick start guides that show you everything from how to customize your books each month all the way to making more money from them, multiplying profits and getting cheaper pay per click traffic.

The information included in this training section easily could have been sold as a multiple hundred dollar physical course but Jeremy has included it all in the members area.

Site Builder

This section gives you everything that you need to build a hot selling website that you can use to start selling your products.

You get a complete course that takes you through the entire process of using the two documents that come with each product to craft your own sales letter step by step, without writing anything from scratch!

Best of all, you also get a sales letter template that aids you in the process with more guidance and the formatting already done for you!

You see people selling sales letter software that doesn’t offer the results this template does for upwards of $200 or more but it’s included in your membership.

Bonus PLR’s

This section is loaded with over a dozen products with rights that you can use to start selling right away for immediate profits. Most of these products come complete with sales letters and graphics and are ready to roll.

The cool thing is that you can use some of the tactics that you’ve learned in the training material provided in the training section and further customize these existing products.

This allows you to create a product fast that’s totally unique to you!

Affiliate Cash

Obviously this section gives you information on promoting through the affiliate program. This section is 100% different from any of the other affiliate programs that you may have been exposed to online.

In addition to information on how to get your affiliate links, you actually get a course on how to start promoting your link and generating traffic to it. The marketing lession given here is great even if you do not use your new knowledge to promote NakedPLR.

There are even web 2.0 tactics covered that you’ve seen in many paid courses as well as tools such as press releases, articles and review for your blogs.

Best of all, even if you don’t have a website you can use this information to start generating traffic to your affiliate URL and start generating recurring income for yourself using completely free methods!

As you can probably tell, I am very happy with all of the goodies that I receive as a member.

Of course, the star is the 4-5 products you get every month with private label rights enabling you to start 4-5 new niche businesses each month but the training, bonus products, tools and affiliate training are also awesome.

Overall, I give the membership two thumbs up and I recommend that you take a look at grabbing your own membership. You definitely won’t regret it.

If you are lucky you will still find Jeremy’s $1.00 trial available. I know the trial moves to $147 soon.

Have a super day-

Linky Van Der Merwe

How to become a good graphic designer

Click through to see the plexo

Viral Marketing In Its Purest Form

There are many ways to increase the amount of traffic to your website, and one of the most effective methods is known as viral marketing. To use viral marketing to it’s fullest potential, you’ll want to employ many different techniques into the marketing plan of your site.

Some include great looking graphics, pre written emails, integration marketing
strategies, pre-written articles and blog posts, etc.

All of the above will help to increase the traffic to your site by offering
incentive for your existing members so they will do the work for you.

But one of the best and under-utilized viral techniques of them all is by
providing a simple way for your existing members to tell their friends about
your product or service. Trusted endorsements by friends is the best form of advertising bar-none.

And what’s even better is it costs nothing to implement.

Many tell-a-friend scripts have came out and have been effective to a certain
degree, but they lacked the features necessary to cause a viral wave of traffic
that we’d all love to experience on our sites.

Well, the same guy who created the most incredible Viral Marketing script that
has revolutionized the internet marketing industry and made viral marketing easy
for virtually everyone has just created a new tool! The marketer is Mike Filsaime, and the new tool is

Viral Friend Generator.

He just launched the completed version and I am thoroughly impressed.

Viral Friend Generator is the next evolution in tell-a-friend technology.

In less than five minutes (the time it takes you to fill in the form and upload
to your server)… you can literally multiply the number of visitors and
subscribers your web site receives by 300% or higher!

It is compatible with all of the major autoresponder services out there and has
many incredible features that every other tell-a-friend script just cannot
compete with at all.

Put your marketing efforts into high gear with this extremely powerful new,
easy to use tool put together by the Viral Marketing Expert, Mike Filsaime.


To your success,


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