January 21, 2018


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Social Media – The New Marketing Philosophy

Social Media Poem

Marketing a business is not what it was, Social Media is the latest craze.

Business has to be smart and know where to start, the number of networking sites amaze.

To really achieve, business culture must believe, Social Media is more than just a cliché.

The first thing to do, is define what we do, and be ourselves or risk results that are blasé.

But how it is done, so popularity is won, will take some time to appraise.

Social Media and Marketing are not the same, Social Media is never a campaign.

Social Media is the philosophy, to ensure customer loyalty remains.

How do we know, our Social Media efforts will grow, to create the required business gains.

To be assured of success, we must constantly assess, the customer’s satisfaction is obtained.

Social Media is more than a craze, it is the new way, Social Media philosophy should now be ingrained.

Written by: pete@seowizardry.ca Search Engine Optimisation Consultant


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