February 24, 2018


Project management advice, tips, tools and recommended resources for existing and aspiring project managers.

Project Management Success = A Balance of Hard and Soft Skills

There are many strategies one can implement to improve your project management skills as long as you remember to keep a balance between hard skills and soft skills.

Hard skills are easier to learn and refer to tangible technical skills like scope management, planning and scheduling and assessing and responding to risks. On the other hand, soft skills are more difficult to teach, because they are less tangible and harder to quantify and measure. They refer to skills such as empathy, influence and emotional intelligence.

Top 3 Tips for improving Soft Skills

  • Make the commitment to learn and improve
  • Put yourself in situations where you can practice
  • Evaluate your progress and adjust as needed

Hard and Soft Skills Balance Infographic

Below you will find an Infographic from Brandeis University explaining these concepts really well.

project management hard and soft skills