January 21, 2018


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Project Management – 10 Google Applications

With a wide array of proprietary project management software available, it can be overwhelming for small to medium businesses to decide which project management software is right for them and what they can afford.

I recently discovered this information relating to Google applications that can be used to supplement the project management function in your business.

Google Applications provides a less expensive, Web-based alternative to traditional proprietary software. In addition to the standard Gmail, Calendar and Doc features, there are a wide variety of integrated apps available that add functionality to Google Apps. These integrated apps also include single sign-on capability, thereby limiting the number of passwords users must remember.

This slideshow features 10 of the highest-rated applications for project management from the Google Apps Marketplace.

When you finish watching the presentation, please return to this page and tell us in the comments which Google Applications you are using already or which you plan to use in future.


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  1. jodie_microsoft _smb says:

    Something to consider with Google Apps is compatibility with non-Google users. With documents and calendaring, you may lose rich formatting such as fonts, spacing and margins when opening in Microsoft Word and Outlook – causing users to manually fix for the right appearance.
    Take a look at “Read about the major feature differences between Microsoft Exchange and Gmail” for some comparative info: (Send me a request and I’ll e-mail the whitepaper directly).

    Jodi E.
    Microsoft SMB Outreach Team