December 14, 2017


Project management advice, tips, tools and recommended resources for existing and aspiring project managers.


 1) Fast-track Growth Program for New Project ManagersGrowth Program for New Project Managers

Grow critical project management competencies, learn how to overcome your biggest challenges on projects and increase your confidence with this self-paced online training program. Click to learn more about this exciting opportunity.


PM Social2) Social Media for Project Managers

Years ago when I started  online with Virtual Project Consulting I had to find free ways to market my business online, to build online visibility, credibility and trust.

In my experience, the best way to achieve that was through social media and syndication of all my blogging activities to my social media channels. Since then I have turned my research to the industry that I serve, namely project management practitioners who come from many different sectors, like Financial, IT, Mining, Education and many more. I was on a mission to find out if there is any value in bringing social media onto projects and what the expected benefits would be.

Feedback from different surveys and published success stories, provided evidence of the benefits from social media; how to unlock the value and how to strategically integrate it with project execution at your company. I also discovered an important side benefit from social media activities is that it will enhance your career as a project professional.

 I published numerous articles and have given talks about the use of social media on projects with the aim to answer the following important questions:

#1 Which types of social media channels are best suited?
#2 How do you incorporate social media onto projects?
#3 Where do you start and what are best practices?
#4 What benefits can you expect from social media?
#5 What challenges will you be faced with?
#6 What social media tools should you use?
#7 How do you monitor and measure social media?

The solution to all these questions can be found in the product called:

Project Management Social, or PM Social

With PM Social you will be able to determine the appropriate tools and technology, overcome challenges you will be faced with and understand how to make social media part of your communication plan.

It will help project management practitioners as well as project management companies to understand the value of social media and how to integrate it onto projects.

PM Social

Social media for project managers

It’s full of examples based on research, training about different social media platforms and tools, articles to learn more, and very practical advice that can be applied immediately to compile your own customised strategy and action plan for how to use social media on your projects. You will receive immediate access to the product and it can be implemented in the shortest amount of time, while doing it in a strategic, well-planned way.

Check it out today. Decide to have one of the best collaboration tools available, on your projects to make them more successful!!!


3) PM Prepcast – for Project Managers who want to become certified

A Project Management Professional (PMP)® Exam Prep Video Workshop that you download to your portable media player study for the exam wherever and whenever you want. (Affiliate)

4) PDU Podcast – for existing PMP’s

Existing project managers may earn Professional Development Units (PDUs) easily and affordably with The PDU Podcast from Cornelius Fichtner. The portable, self-paced training is delivered automatically on a monthly basis and you can listen at a time that is convenient to you. (Affiliate)

5) The Agile Prepcast – for Agile Practitioners

One of the best resources to prepare for the Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® Exam. (Affiliate)