January 16, 2018


Project management advice, tips, tools and recommended resources for existing and aspiring project managers.

Make projects work for your business!

Where the business owner and service professional learn more about project management skills, project management tools and templates and project management methodologies for managing business projects.


An effective way to speed up results with business projects is to apply a simple Project Management framework to deliver your projects on time, to budget and with desired quality.

For solutions to:

  • WHAT project management is,
  • WHY your business needs projects,
  • HOW to do project management,
  • WHEN to start a project and
  • WHO must do the work

Discover a basic tool to successful project management, download the Project Management Toolkit for all your business project management needs.

Take Action today and start making a positive difference to your business.


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  1. Dr Martie Lancellas – CEO of Strong Foundation says:

    I would like to thank you for the professional and most efficient way in which you consulted with us in thinking through how best to optimise and streamline our business systems, how to approach projects and helped us explore how to use best practices. I have been blessed with your skills and deep knowledge in your field and it has been a robust and refreshing experience. Thank you for challenging us to think ahead and outside the box.
    Thank you Linky, for your commitment, and the focused way in which you work.

    Dr Martie Lancellas – CEO of Strong Foundation, a value-driven company with a passion to grow people and develop their businesses and teams. Strong Foundation was established in 1992 and have been recognised as a leader in the field of Executive, Leadership and Team Coaching, Leadership Development, Change Management interventions, with our Strong Foundation Academy that offers Servant Leadership development, Emotional Intelligence and in-house Coach Training for leaders. Visit http://www.strongfoundation.co.za
    Awards received:
    Businesswoman of the Year by South African Counsel for Woman in Business 2007/8
    Nominated the most influential Woman in Business by CEO Magazine 2007
    The Absa Leader in Business Durbanville, Cape Town, by AHI in 2008.