January 17, 2018


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Comparison of Project Management Software

Today I would like to make a comparison of different project management software that is out there. I must admit that being in the corporate environment for most of my career, I am an expert at using Microsoft Project as a project management software, but I have little experience with any other project management software.

I would like to encourage the reader to contribute to this article by making a comment about your favourite project management software and tell us why you prefer that software.

Wikipedia list

I have discovered this article on Wikipedia about a “comparison of notable project management software“. As an experienced project manager, I found it interesting to compare the software, that I use most often with every noteworthy software available.

The comparison is made based on collaboration, issue tracking, scheduling, project portfolio management, resource management, document management and if it’s web based.

If you are using any of the project management software on the list, please share with us your experience with that software and what you like about it in the comments section. I look forward to receiving your input.

Project Management Methodologies

I would also like to refer you to an article that I did in December 2009 about project management methodologies and standards. There you will find a short description of a number of project management methodologies which you may find interesting. You are also welcome to contribute in that comments section about project management methodologies that are not mentioned in the post or comments yet.

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  1. I recommend http://www.teamgantt.com for simple online gantt charts. They can be created and shared online.

  2. Thanks, it seems like a handy tool for mobile workers or working with teams at different locations.

  3. Hi There!

    If you’re a MS Project expert without much experience with other tools, you might be pleasantly surprised at the total transformation the industry has gone through. Right now you are seeing a consolidation of workflow automation, team collaboration, and even file management and more within project management teamware apps. The folks over at CreativeExecs have an interesting article that covers this from the perspective of workflow automation systems. Granted, their industry might be different, but if you look at their article you’ll see how things are moving to provide integrated environments in which project managers and all individual contributers can more efficiently and effectively work.

  4. If ever you will be looking at the top brands such as CA’s Clarity PPM, Oracle Primavera or Microsoft Project Server, you should also look at Genius Project by Genius Inside. As powerful as other tools, used by clients with 2000 to 5000 users but the price tag is much lower.

  5. Right, I agree there are many alternatives for MS project server in the market. A Project Server which allows to continue using Microsoft Project as project management tool of choice, while allowing teams to publish, execute and edit in real time might be a idle solution.
    ValleySpeak Project Server is web based project management software which we have been using for last two years, the powerful collaborative features of this project server has really helped us complete our projects successful.