February 24, 2018


Project management advice, tips, tools and recommended resources for existing and aspiring project managers.

Project Story: Retail Staff Scheduling System

Project Story: Retail Staff Scheduling System. A project story about the turn-around of a complex project which was over budget and not delivering on the expected business benefits. It was for a Staff Scheduling system in the Retail Sector.

Project Success Story – Call Centre Efficiency

Project Success Story – Call Centre Efficiency. This story is about a contact centre technology project in a massive tele-communications company. The objective was to build the support function for all the Call Centres.

Stakeholder Management: Stakeholder Analysis in Five Steps

Stakeholders are critical to the success of any project and should be included in every major assessment and decision. Stakeholders are defined as the ones who are positively or negatively affected by the course of the project and any resulting solutions or conclusions. This article covers a most important aspect of stakeholder management, namely stakeholder analysis.

5 Essential Practices for Explaining Projects to Stakeholder

5 Essential Practices for Explaining Projects to Stakeholder. Are you frustrated you’re no longer getting the support from stakeholders that you need for your project to succeed? Read more about the 5 essential practices for explaining projects to your stakeholders.

7 Steps to Becoming a Better Project Manager

7 Steps to Becoming a Better Project Manager. Are you looking for ways that will help you be more successful as a project manager? Find out what are the key areas to focus on.

Stakeholder Management Best Practice Tools

Stakeholder Management Best Practice communications Tools. It requires getting commitment from stakeholders as the cornerstone of success in projects. See best practice communications tool shared.

Stakeholder Management Best Practices

Stakeholder Management Best Practices shared to understand why actively managing project stakeholders is as key to a successful project outcome as communications management.