December 18, 2017


Project management advice, tips, tools and recommended resources for existing and aspiring project managers.

Resources to Make Project Management a Little Easier

By Jane Sandwood

According to Project Management South Africa, the relatively new profession is becoming an increasingly popular discipline that is in high demand at organisations using projects for strategic delivery.

Aspiring project managers should be aware of the duties of the role, by belonging to professional associations in South Africa that can help form a solid foundation from the start. By being exposed to the professional community will help you to recognise all that constitutes legitimate practices based on standards and guidelines and will show the world that you are committed to ongoing professional development.

PM ResourcesBut while project management comes with many responsibilities, there are certain resources that can make the job easier and will also lead to success. Utilising certain tools can help project managers plan, manage, and keep track of projects as well as facilitate the project team ranging from small to large. Resources can also be beneficial to develop resource plans and to control budgets and schedules.

Organisational Internet Sticks

One resource that can be particularly useful to mobile project managers is an Internet stick. Internet sticks have many benefits for individuals who are constantly moving from place to place and need access to Wi-Fi wherever they go. For project managers, there may be a need to travel to different locations for a single project, making it difficult to always find a trusted Internet connection.

But with an Internet stick, it can be possible to access free Wi-Fi no matter where you are. This can be extremely useful when visiting a range of sites that may not have open access to the Internet. Using an Internet stick is like carrying around a Wi-Fi connection in your pocket, which can save project managers much time and help them to be connected and accessible when traveling.

Digital Project Software

Another tool to make project management run more smoothly is digital project management (PPM) software. Since many projects now have virtual teams, PPM software makes it simple to integrate all parts of a project into one simple management resource. Using online PPM software allows project managers to update assignments, track progress, and be informed in real-time, which can help managers make better strategic decisions.

By utilising digital tools and resources like an Internet stick and PPM software, project managers can fulfill their duties in a professional and competent manner that will contribute to successful project delivery.

Career tips – How to Break into Project Management

Here is a wonderful story about a College Professor from Canada who cares so much about his project management students, that he compiled a special gift for them. An ebook called: 52 Tips to break into Project Management. You will find contributions from project managers all over the world who are passionate about projects.  It’s a privilege to participate in such an endeavour – well done Geoff Crane.

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Project Manager – The Value of Certification

project management certificationThe demand for skilled project managers is at an all-time high as organisations continue to focus on higher productivity and greater customer satisfaction with minimum resources. Project management is a booming profession that is only going to get bigger in the years ahead.

Once you decide that you want to become a professional project manager, or you’re already doing the work and you want to formalise your credentials in order to be acknowledged as a project manager, you have a few choices. You can pursue a degree or diploma in project management, offered at multiple universities and institutions, and/or you can become certified by becoming a Project Management Professional (PMP), a title awarded by the Project Management Institute (PMI).

In order to obtain the certification, you need to complete a log book as evidence of your experience and you need to pass an exam. To study for an exam while working full-time can be a challenge.

Here are three excellent resources from Cornelius Fichtner to help you prepare and pass the PMP exam the first time (there are people who have to sit more than once before they pass).

#1 PM StudyCoach

The PM StudyCoach™ is a 10-week long self-study coaching course in which you will receive and learn what it is exactly that you have to study week after week.

The benefits of this course are that it helps you to stay focused, to apply best practices, to make studying a routine. It also keeps up your study morale and it guides you to a proven plan. The coaching sessions are in MP3 format and it provides activity checklists.

#2 PMP Exam eFlashCards

Now that people can surf the net with the use of their phones, laptops, androids and other gadgets that fit their lifestyle, you no longer require thick sets of paper for flashcards. With eFlashCards™ you can do reviews while in the elevator, during your break time, or waiting for the bus. They run on your iPod®, BlackBerry® and most other smartphones.

The benefits of the FlashCards are that they make repetitive learning fun and fast. More of your senses are engaged in the learning process. You can study anytime and anywhere .The digital flashcards can be downloaded for your iPod, Blackberry, Windows mobile device or smartphone and they include all the chapters of the PMBOK® Guide 4th Edition.

#3 The PM Exam Simulator

This offers you the opportunity to take 9 computer-based sample PMP® Exams before heading out for the real thing.

The benefits are that you practice under test conditions, learn to manage your exam time effectively, to gain confidence and most importantly that you are ready to take the exam. With 1800 realistic PMP exam questions and detailed explanations for all answers, you can make certain that you pass the exam!

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