January 21, 2018


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Project Management tool – Agile Gantt

Have you been using the Agile approach on your projects, but you find it difficult to present progress to stakeholders without the traditional Gantt Chart view?

Agile Gantt has just been introduced by Projectplace. This is the first tool that combines the functionality of Gantt charts and Kanban boards to bridge the gap between project managers, team members and senior management.

Agile Gantt

The gantt chart (in the bottom half) links to the Kanban boards. The coloured in dots across the bar marked ‘Video Production’ show the progress of this campaign.

Agile Gantt allows project teams to self-organize, prioritize tasks and work towards common goals in tandem with planning by the project manager, who can focus on strategy and meeting goals rather than administration. This new joined-up approach is enabled by integrating well-known Gantt charts, describing timeline and project steps, with Kanban boards, a common tool used by agile teams. This brings project managers and senior management more visibility over the project without placing an unnecessary workload on teams.

Despite Gantt chart’s popularity, it has forced many project managers to spend too much time micro managing and administrating. Agile Gantt is an industry-first; it capitalizes on the strengths of the original Gantt chart, but makes it more useful by empowering all stakeholders in the process. With Agile Gantt, project goals and deliverables can be specified hierarchically and connected to a Kanban board. As team members complete their tasks on the Kanban board that is connected to the Agile Gantt schedule, this is reported automatically and in real-time, providing a highly accessible visualization of how the project is progressing.

Agile management is at the heart of Agile Gantt and the Projectplace platform. It is a set of techniques according to which work should be done by self-organizing teams in a collaborative manner, with granular planning to take place as the project progresses instead of beforehand.

The benefit of this tool is that it offers powerful project steering and agile self-organization, it will unite teams, project managers and senior management on the same platform for the first time. It has a simple to use interface and it’s also available on mobile devices. To try it out, please click on Agile Gantt.


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