January 16, 2018


Project management advice, tips, tools and recommended resources for existing and aspiring project managers.


These Time Management tips will work for any-one, especially busy entrepreneurs, business owners, service professionals, project managers and online marketers.

1. Use self-imposed discipline

In other words, put yourself in a position where you have to get XYZ done. For example, instead of waiting until you have the Power Point presentation done to schedule the webinar… schedule it today and announce to your list, so you then MUST get the presentation done.

2. Every project, task, milestone you work on should have a deadline

Periodically throughout your workday, ask yourself… “does what I’m working on have a deadline”. If not, put one on it. If it’s not worthy of a deadline, dump it.

3. Only check your email 2x a day… and never before getting at least one hour of focused work done.

Work out the times each day that are best for you to check your email.

4. Have the least amount of unscheduled time each day

In other words, try to schedule every hour of your work day. This is one of the most effective productivity tools.

5. Have productivity goals, along with your financial and business goals

In other words, have goals for focused time and completion of tasks.

6. Have rewards at incremental stages of your goal achievement

Far, far off goals tend NOT to motivate us. Close goals, that we can see, tend to be a lot more motivational.

7. Pre-schedule repetitive tasks into your calendar in advance

If there are certain things you do every week, they should get a permanent place in your calendar and they should be treated just like an important appointment.

8. Monitor the time it takes you to go from idea to implementation; and try to speed up the process

Once you know how long a task or project takes, try to speed up the process next time.

9. Try to estimate the amount of time every task will take, then put it in your schedule with a start and stop time

This will force you to work faster and more efficiently. Think… the day before vacation.

10. Regularly consider the consequences of not doing something or of procrastination

Source:  Todd Brown from Productivity Tools for Entrepreneurs


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  1. Quinton Des Fountain says:

    No 3 is going to save me a lot of time 🙂