March 1, 2015


Project management advice, tips, tools and recommended resources for existing and aspiring project managers.

Interesting Project Management Articles

FIRE values

How to be a Value Driven Project Leader

How to be a Value Driven Project Leader – what are the values that will help you become an aspirational project leader. FIRE!

Project Management: Pulse of the Profession 2015

Project Management Announcement: Pulse of the Profession 2015. The Pulse of the Profession study by PMI provides evidence that implementing strategy successfully is inextricably linked to an organization’s capability to deliver successful projects and programs.

Success Stories Shared

Project Success Story – Let the Ships Sail

Project Success Story – Let the Ships Sail. Another project success story from an experienced project manager about the development of a new Forecasting system with the goal of providing an electronic system to forecast and plan Maersk’s shipping schedules and cargo loading.

change manager skills

Project Manager versus Change Manager Skills

Project Manager versus Change Manager Skills – The question is what type of skills does a Change Manager need to be effective and how are those skills different from project manager skills.


2015 – Project Managers are you up to a great start?

2015 – Project Managers are you up to a great start? At the beginning of the year, we are motivated for new beginnings. At Virtual Project Consulting we are working full swing on making new things a reality. Discover PM resources, success stories, podcasts, social media strategies and more.

Three Techniques for Scope Change Management

1. Hold Everyone Accountable for Scope Management Many scope management processes work well at the project manager level, but get compromised by team members. If the project manager is diligent in enforcing the scope change rules, your customer may try …

Five Steps Before Estimating Work

Estimating is hard enough. It is even harder if you are not prepared. Estimating a 20 hour chunk of work is not so hard. Estimating for full projects or large chunks of work can be challenging. Templates can help, but …

Understand the Risk Tolerance Level in Your Organization

All projects have risks and all risks have the potential for negatively impacting the project. You use risk management to determine the risks that are important enough to manage. During the risk identification process, you may encounter many risks that …

The Power of the Aligned Organization

When was the last time you rode in a car with wheels that were not properly aligned? Chances are it was a pretty rough ride. The car either pulled in one direction, making it hard work to keep it in …

The Customer May Not Know Enough to Completely Define the Project

Sometimes the project manager places too high an expectation on the amount of foresight and vision that customers and sponsors have. In many cases, the project manager will go to the customer looking for answers to help define the project…

6 top free, mobile project management tools

Techworld looks at some of the top project management tools you can use for free, and on your mobile phone to help teams work efficiently and flexibly.Linky Van Der Merwe's insight:To help you understand which PM tools to consider for a mobile work force.See it on, via Project Management best practices

Top 10 Work Skills You'll Need in 2020 (Infographic) - Wrike Blog

The modern workplace is changing rapidly, and it shows no sign of slowing down. More and more of us are (or will be) working in non-traditional ways, from setting our own hours to working with colleagues spread out over the entire globe. This infographic examines today’s trends and takes a peek into the future to …Linky Van Der Merwe's insight:This is very relevant to project managers and how we need to adjust to stay current for the future workplace.See it on, via Project Management best practices

10 Things I love about managing projects

There are lots of reasons to love project management. Here are the 10 top reasons I love managing projects.Linky Van Der Merwe's insight:Nice perspective on project management. I love the relationships you build with different people over the years.See it on, via Project Management best practices

New Video - What Makes a Great Project Manager?

3 minute video on clear simple examples of what makes some project managers great, compared to all others.Linky Van Der Merwe's insight:Good perspective on what makes a great project manager. Do you agree or do you have more perspectives?See it on, via Project Management best practices

PMI Volunteers Help Companies in Need at Inaugural Project Management Day of Service | Business Wire

Scope-A-Thon provides pro bono project management services to hundreds of non-profit and charity organizations.Linky Van Der Merwe's insight:What a good idea for project managers - hope this will spread to other countries too.See it on, via Project Management best practices