October 17, 2017


Project management advice, tips, tools and recommended resources for existing and aspiring project managers.

Interesting Project Management Articles

Virtual Project Teams – How to Establish Trust

Virtual Project Teams – How to Establish Trust. Successful virtual project management depends on superior teamwork. Positive interpersonal relations are a must. This is an essential precondition for trust to develop. Find out how a virtual Agile software development team achieved this very quickly.

Growth Program for New Project Managers to Help Close the Talent Gap

Growth Program for New Project Managers to Close the Talent Gap. Introduction to the fast-track growth program with case studies from students who have completed the online training.

7 Must-Have Tools For Agile Management

7 Must-Have Tools For Agile Management. How to make the task of an Agile Manager much simpler by doing training to equip you with the right skills and by choosing good supporting tools.

A Guide to Conducting Project Closure Surveys

A Guide to Conducting Project Closure Surveys- Excellent guidelines as to how Surveys can be a valuable tool that project managers can use to collect feedback from team members and other stakeholders to gather ideas, and to easily capture project closure metrics such as stakeholder satisfaction and employee engagement.

Project Success Story – Retail Payment Switch upgrade 

Project Success Story – Retail Payment Switch upgrade. Lessons learnt from an experienced project manager with domain knowledge in the Retail Payment Switch industry. 

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Project Management Templates Building Teams

Build Teams with Project Management Templates So you’re a Project Manager on a new project and you want to build a high performing team using project management templates? Excellent, this is a great goal to strive for. But it’s …

Delivering Project Management Templates on Time

Project Management Templates – Delivering projects on Time As a Project Manager, you are always pushed to deliver your projects on time, by using project management templates.  Not a day goes by that you don’t worry about whether you …

Performing Project Management Life Cycle

Project Management Life Cycle Change Management In this latest article, we’re discussed the topic of Change Management. A project management lifecycle is typically undertaken within changing business environments, so it’s inevitable that during the life of your project, there …

Business Case and Project Management Templates

Writing a Business Case with Project Management Templates We all know that successful Project Management is about delivering projects on time, within budget and to specification. But what many forget is that it’s also important to deliver the business benefits …

Start new projects by using a Feasibility Study

As you kick off new projects in the coming year, make sure you start out on the right foot. These tips will help you set up projects properly from the outset, and avoid problems down the track. Starting new projects…

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